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Fur in the most unlikely places.


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I've just recently got back from a trip to South Africa and Swaziland, and actually saw some fur, which was totally unexpected. At Johannesburg airport there were a couple of fakes, but in the Swaziland capital, Mbabane, l I saw two women in dark mink jackets. There was also a shop with various clothing in the window and inside with mink and fox trim.


The temperature for us was comfortably warm at 20-25 C (68-77 F), so we were in summer clothing. But as it is the southern hemisphere (obviously) it is the middle of winter there, hence every one of the locals being wrapped up. It is a very poor country in general, but all of the money is in the capital - and you could tell it. So many beautifully dressed women.


It was also nice to visit two countries that know that animals are there for our use, and probably the whole of the African continent seems to live in harmony with its nature. Meat is in abundance - very, very few veggies, and in most gift shops there were skins of various sort for sale, mostly antelope and zebra, on sale openly and totally unashamedly. Nice surprise and a refreshing change.

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A good friend of mine lives in South Africa.


She has 3 f/l mink coats, and a fox coat. She told me she wears them and has never had any problems there in Johannesburg.

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No didn't buy anything. Would have liked to have bought a skin for a rug, but nowhere to put it. Many shops in South Africa had antelope and zebra skins on sale openly.

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