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Hello from China


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I've lived in China for several years though I am originally from Wisconsin. Fur coats are incredibly popular here in the Dongbei region of China. One look outside in December or January and you will see several ladies in furs (mink generally) outside. I have seen a few men wear short black mink coats but that's a rarity. I have never bought a fur coat for myself although I truly want one. I bought a white mink coat for my girlfriend two years ago. She loved it but sold it after we broke up. We're still friends and she is the only person in the world that knows my love of fur. I guess it began when I was in line at Radio Shack in Houston as a 6-year old boy and was entranced by the coat the person wore in front of us. I started rubbing the back of the coat and have loved fur and leather since.


Nice to meet all of you.

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welcome. its great that you are here. I hope you make some friends. I found it really helpful to talk to others who were into fur -- its great to know you aren't the only one!


Also, I'm sure we'll have some questions for you. We've all seen fur from China on ebay and so on, and it would be great to ask some questions to someone who is over there and speaks the language and is interested in fur and can let us know what to look for.

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