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My lack of willpower


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Brothers and Sisters for all of you who 'want' to give up something up, diet etc; follow my lead -


My brother told me he was definitely giving up smoking in six weeks time(20+ a day man!). When i stopped laughing i asked him if he was joking; but he said he was deadly serious!


About a week later i saw him again and announced i to was to give up smoking, I'd set a date - the 8th August . He looked surprised and asked me if i was joking. I responded by saying i was not; definitely the 8th August - although i haven't yet decided which year.

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If you want support and encouragement, I'm on your side.


I stopped chewing on coffin nails about a year and a half ago. Once I got over the initial "shock" of it, things got easier. The longer you go without smoking, the easier it gets.


If there is anything you want to know, it's here for the asking.


I used the drug "Zyban" (AKA: "Wellbutrin) to quit. The stuff LITERALLY made me forget to smoke! And, it's got a bit of a "kick" to it, if ya'knowwhatimean!

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"I gave up smoking once for a very long time. it was the most miserable 15 minutes if my life"


Someone said that recently and I cant remember who.

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Mark Twain, I suppose?!


I quit smoking, simply quit it. Had been a part time smoker: several days without any coffin nail, then up to twenty a day (an evening). One fine day early last year I told myself "I don't need it anymore", and refrained from smoking.


But I am still enjoying my passion for furs, Rauchwaren in German. (German pun intended.)

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