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My new fur


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Just purchases a fur on ebay, and it arrived today. It's a white fox dyed to look like lynx.


My soulmate unwrapped the fur from the box. I tried it on, and then she did. "This will fit in my closet" she said. Sigh... But that's okay: we share.


Would post a pick, but can't figure out to f*ck*ng h*ll how to post a pic here.

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Several ways to post...


You can upload it to our gallery, or make your own gallery from your profile. Once uploaded you can use the provided links under the photo to post it in a thread, or copy the photo link itself.


Or you can use your own upload site such as imgur, photobucket, etc.. and link it to the forum.


Also if you're in the full editor when making a thread there is a section under the submit and preview button to add an attachment.



With all of those ways I feel certain you will be able to handle it.


Good luck.

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