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Furboasissy: CD Male Fur Lover in New England


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Hi Everyone


Just wanted to post and say hello. A little about me 40s, bi male crossdresser -- not passable. I love fur, angora and mohair and get turned on by wearing it and seeing it on others. Looking forward to reading more on the board, and getting to know others who share my interests.


I have a small collection -- 1 boa and 1 scarf, but another boa is on the way. I cam sometimes on Skype, so say hi if you want to know more.

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Glad to have you. Hope you enjoy the site!


We have several CDs around so maybe spark up a thread, and get to chatting!



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I will do my best to share. I'm not shy about posting pics of getting dressed up and skyping. I'm a bit of a slut actualy....

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