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faux fur throws


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Would FabFurs be good for thier faux fur throws? I am really thinkin about it and I was just wantin something to cover up with when im with my lady at night. Its on thier site there at FabFurs. I want thier brown faux mink Queen sized throw. It will be big enough for what I want to use it for. If any one could help me with this company, Id appriciate it alot. I just dont know if any one can vouche for them as for the quality of thier faux furs.

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If you want good synthetic fur you need to look for PLUSH fabric like they make Teddy Bears out of.


>>> Helmbold -- The company that makes the plush for Steiff Teddy Bears. <<<


>>> Direct Link to Helmbold's Website <<<


You can get mohair and alpaca as well as synthetic/polyester fur.


Good alpaca or mohair plush fabric isn't cheap! It can cost you more than $200 per yard! But if you can't get real fur or if you have allergies, or something like that, plush fabric is the next best thing.


I looked at >>>fabfurs.com. <<< Looks like a nice company. Their product looks good. They use a brand of polyester and acrylic fabric that I know Teddy Bears are sometimes made from.


If you're going to go for fake fur, this is probably the place to get them from.


90% of that other stuff most companies sell as "fun fur" is crap!

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There is only one manufacturer worldwide who can proclaim his fur products truely as "ECO" or "like real fur".


The name is Calista Cronoe


For US: http://www.cronoe.us

Europe: http://www.cronoe.com


I own two of their fur throws and can only say that its of incredibly good quality, very plush, no sweating when sleeping on or under it, no smell, no loosing hairs, no "flatening" of hairs, very easy to keep clean....


The listed prices at the online shops seem really high, but there are ebay-shops for Europe and since short time for US too!


The former seller for Europe seems to have changed from " CRONOE " to " EBERTI " (one of the last ads: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=32260&item=4454875085


For US market the seller is " CRONOE.USA " http://stores.ebay.de/Calista-Cronoe



If you ask me what type could be the most plush and soft I would say:

For Europe, montanawolf , schneeleopard and polarbaer

For US , snow leopard , black bear and red fox

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