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“My heart hasn’t beat this fast since my husband gave me the mink jacket,”


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Nice story:





Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 12:00 am


By Amy Friedenberger [email protected] 981-3356


When Odessa Powell’s Roanoke home was broken into last year, of all the valuable things stolen, her mink coat meant the most.


Her husband, Robert Powell, gave it to her for their 25th wedding anniversary. He died in 2007 at the age of 83. They were married for 42 years.


“It was a gift I would treasure for the rest of my life,” said Powell, 91.


The coat hasn’t turned up since it was stolen in October. On Thursday, Roanoke police were near her house conducting an investigation. Powell went outside to observe the commotion.


“This is about as upsetting as when someone broke into my house,” Powell told an officer.


Powell told Sgt. Jason Hicks about the coat. She described it vividly and reached out to touch his beard, saying it was a similar color. They talked about life, and they talked about God.


“It’s my responsibility as a man, a public servant and a Christian to look out for her,” Hicks said.


Later that evening, Powell showed up as she usually does for the Loudon-Melrose neighborhood group meeting. Sitting on a table was a black box with a bow around it.


Inside was a mink coat.


Hicks had reached out to friend Carl Rosen, owner of Henri Kessler Furs and Outerwear in Roanoke County, and told him about Powell and her coat. Rosen provided the coat to Hicks to gift to her.


“Knowing Hicks, what he wanted to do came as no surprise to me,” Rosen said.


The people at the meeting circled around Powell and Hicks as they hugged. She tried on the coat, which fit perfectly.


“Anyone who stands up for her neighborhood and works to stamp out criminal elements deserves some kind of recognition,” Hicks said.


After Hicks left, Powell dabbed away tears through the rest of the meeting. She stood up a few times to express her gratitude for the coat and what it meant to her.


“My heart hasn’t beat this fast since my husband gave me the mink jacket,” she said. “God is good to me.”

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And this article defines in a nutshell my romantic attachment to furs, namely that fur is a symbol of love, caring and devotion showered upon the one receiving it but someone who loves them very much. Hope she gets it back.

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I have a full length rabbit fur that I was heartbroken to see the hair clearing made by moths. Althought the leather is alright and the spots aren't very noticeable, it does annoy me.


Then I understood that, no matter how many or how pricey the other coats I have are, they will never have the same value - the sentimental value - of that coat. I can feel how sad this lady must've been.

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Each fur coat is completely unique and sentimental to me, as no two are identical, even if they are both coyote or red fox, or whatever. My furs are not just items to wer and enjoy, but part of a carefully crafted collection, the loss of any one of which would be devastating to me. Sorry to hear of your moth trouble red_fox, although I would imagine that the warm climate where you live contributes to it.

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