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50 today


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Today is indeed a proud day for me - a few moments ago silent movie legend Constance Talamdge became the 50th actress to be added to the Golden Oldies collection.

Whilst this minor achievement obviously pales into insignificance compared to the time and effort put into this site by the mods over the years it still gives me a nice feeling of having put a little bit back as a `thank you` to everyone who`s made me so welcome over the years , initially as a "lurker" and now as a regular poster.

For those of you who enjoy reliving (or discovering for the first time) the golden age of cinema rest assured it won`t stop here , I fully intend to keep posting until either I`ve run out of subjects (unlikely at the moment!) or you all get fed up with me.

Next stop - 100!!





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Congrats Furpunk


One of the pleasures of your work is the enjoyment I get in remembering those actresses and some of the movies I have seen them in... and then again those still to come who wore furs.


Have a feeling that the enjoyment is not only shared by myself but by many of us 'oldies' who have to rely on disappearing greycells and trust that they do indeed regenerate... or at least get re-ignited in the basic reason for the existence of this place.

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