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Please could you help me identify this fur?


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I picked up this fur coat from a charity shop - the shop had no idea what type of fur it was, and I have tried all the online guides but i'm not confident of what it is.


There are no labels in it to help - it's definitely a handmade coat, and it is very soft to touch and uniform in its red-brown colour.


I have posted some close pics of the structure of the fur - please could anyone tell me what this is made of?

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It might be squirrel.
While I cannot tell exactly what it is from the images, I doubt it is squirrel due to the pelts being a bit too large and the color does not seem right for squirrel. Looking at the full size image, the guard hairs have the reflectivity of the weasel family possibly mink, but the skin-on-skin construction suggests muskrat.
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Thank you very much everyone! It's so hard to tell, the pelts are arranged like muskrat coats I have seen, but these pelts are very small compared to the pictures of those - the largest is less than 8 inches long and an inch and half wide. But they could have just used small ones! I am baffled![attachment=0]14839003870501995419217.jpg[/attachment][attachment=1]20170106_182349.jpg[/attachment]

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Unfortunately it is much easier to tell what the fur isn't than what it is.


The guard hairs appear intact, so it does not appear to be a sheared fur.


The color does look similar to otter, but the pelts are much too small - river otter can be over 3 feet long (about 1 meter) and 16 inches wide. The pelt size is closer to sea otter (an endangered specie), but I have not seen enough of them to properly judge. Sea otter has a very dense fur and the hair on this garment does not appear to be dense enough for sea otter.

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