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...but all I got was a lousy night in Paris...


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kidding, kidding...





I'm actually talking about the overfinanced, malnourished american hotel heiress who is currently enjoying her extended fifteen minutes. When I heard a rumor tonight from MrLynx that she might turn to the dark side in the name of publicity, I got curious. Yep, Joe made the uncharacteristic move of actually taking the last bit of his day off to charge through a few of these here celebutante-stalker sites at breakneck speed. Along the way, I picked up a few groupies: send in the blondes.


the first time I've ever seen her in chinchilla (her mom used to love chinchilla coats in the 80s)



"good God. she's in tails..." said one of my gay friends when he saw this photo.



tara reid in...faux?



oops. a classic. you know where to find the rest of the photos from this set.



tara reid again. euh, ignore the rest of the site?



this makes me laugh.



great vest on rod stewart's daughter.




If you're into this sort of thing, post your Paris-in-fur pictures here. I'll stick to Lindsay in the other thread.



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Paris Hilton, bodywise, isn't appealing to me. When you throw her odd behavior, idiotic things she's been quoted on, and ridiculous looks she's sported I find her even less appealing.


Paris in fur (if I look past the fact that it's PARIS) isn't half bad sometimes. Like any fur clad fad celebrity she has her hits and misses.


Tara Reid on the other hand...Nice nice nice.

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