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What about fur vests?


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For those amongst us with a few sewing skills, a quick option....

I have so far converted 3 mink jackets into vests. I have fiddled with the sleeve ends once removed, used different upto date linings, and the 3 family members wearing them just love them. Lots of positive comments. They are not a bad option in Aussie!. I have also converted a silver fox jacket into a reversible vest, leather on the inside / outside and that looks fantastic, just a little too small reversed (one has to practice).

I am now about to launch into some 3/4 vests, and some fur lined winter coats, using mink jackets as linings.

Don't be afraid to try your hand...you might just be surprised....

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The sleeves can have a variety of uses, including repairs to other garments, I am hoping to try making a double sided hood out of some, and others for your imagination.


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