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Folks we have a huge links page. This brings up two points. It brought this to my attention just this morning when Ms T posted a link to the Canadian Fur Council that was in our links page. You folks can help us out here.


#1. It would be really nice to have one of our great links posted there to be brought forth every week (day) to show us not only one of our best links posted there, but maybe one of the best areas within it. For instance, we had a link to the fur council of Canada posted but not to that video page. This would just be a way to show folks some of the good info posted there. The front page, plus some of the great info within.


I am wondering if anyone would have any suggestions on how to go about this. Mods get involved in enough things here so I would like this to be a "Member project" and not a "Mod Project".


#2. It would also be good if we had maybe a team of members or something such who could scour the links area to look for dead links, etc.

Again, I would like this to be by members and not by mods. That way, members have a way to feel this site is their own.


If you have any ideas on this folks let me know.


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