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Married in Mink (and other furs)


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Weddings are often a way to show off and splurge, so why not include furs as part of the bridal ensemble? So in this thread just post stuff about wearing furs at weddings.


From the show "Four Weddings...". In one episode of the fourth season, one of the four brides wears a 50s style white rabbit wrap with her dress.

c590b6515899226.jpg dc7224515899227.jpg


From the film "Gia" about the tragic life of the model with that name (okay, let's try not to let this get depressing). Not sure if this fox muff, with the pseudo-bouquet of flowers, was something the real Gia modeled, but here it looks great.

464291515899229.jpg 5914a2515899230.jpg 1aff88515899232.jpg


Promo images from the short-lived reality show "Bachelorettes In Alaska". As that title implies, the brides wearing furs is about the only interesting thing about it. Anyway, we see two of the would-be brides wearing muffs.

57af73515899233.jpg 4159df515899235.jpg 6a44a7515899236.jpg


These are scans from magazines. Fair warning, most are about 1MB in size. The last is one of my outright favorite dresses with fur. I saw this in about 1992-1993 when my oldest sister was getting married, and of course made sure to keep it (though I wish I hadn't cut out the rest of the page).

1093a1515901408.jpg 1a18a5515901431.jpg 0ec4f0515901454.jpg fbafa9515901475.jpg a6d7cb515901485.jpg 9bfe1d515901500.jpg

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Being a so-called blue-blood is no excuse for not wearing fur at the wedding, so here are a few.


When Fabiola married the previous king of Belgium, she wore a dress with ermine trim on the waist and cape.

dbed53516204683.jpg 7895d8516204685.jpg 9f29ad516204692.jpg b79cf5516204696.jpg


Archduke of Austria Christoph of Habsbourg-Lorraine married Archduchess Adelaide Drape-Frisch, who wore a fox-trimmed jacket over her dress.

62d3e7516204614.jpg 8a7fe9516204621.jpg


Archduchess Marie-Christine of Austria wears a coat with fox cuffs as she wed Count Rodolphe of Limburg-Stirum.

59e091516204627.jpg 570e5c516204633.jpg


Marie Teresa married the archduke of Luxembourg. This ermine-trimmed dress was made in 1981, the same year as Diana's dress, but I think this holds up better*, since it lacks what I call the "80s ruffles" (though actually used from the late 70s to early 90s), that fashion designers loved, but now makes so many outfits look frumpy.

c4e02a516204640.jpg 9f3693516204643.jpg c41b7b516204646.jpg cfe63e516204650.jpg


From "ye olden times" comes this fashion drawing from the 16th century, simply called "Noble Bride from Norway" (see Getty Images for a larger, if watermarked, version). The bride wears and ermine skirt, and we can see the bridesmaid wearing an ermine petticoat under her dress. In the middle pic, these are redrawn by R. Turner Wilcox for the book "The Mode in Furs" (a title which I hope piqued your interest; also see more furs in "The Mode in Costume"). Finally the site "Nordic Folklore Paintings" redrew this bride with a blue dress and long, blonde hair (which you can buy a copy of), kind of reminding me of Queen Elsa (heck, if she wears an outfit like this in Frozen 2, that's my killer app for 4KHD).

f282d0516204653.jpg 291119516204665.jpg ebdb86516204674.jpg


* Not that Diana thought that dress held up anyway.

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I was going to thank you,but the button has mysteriously disappeared.

So thank you for your lovely post,the old fashion way.

And there's more coming.


Plus, again, you're all welcome to post any you have.

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Here are some from online shops.

823f97516467289.jpg f38cb3516467298.jpg e3c7b6516467302.jpg 7aea8e516467306.jpg bc6165516467309.jpg 660d0c516467314.jpg 834798516467324.jpg 3845af516467326.jpg


Here are a few atypical designer dresses. The first one is the biggest. The next two are kind of small, so if anyone has larger pics of that outfit, please let us know.

fe818c516467915.jpg c5cb01516467931.jpg a20d15516467934.jpg c45f66516467949.jpg dccc6d516467964.jpg ae472c516467984.jpg

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