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Updated Girlfriend Webshots


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Talk about thunder. You have posted, hands down, the two best webshots I've ever seen in my life. There's just something about the look in her eyes in the second picture...bravo, bravissimo!



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PunisherThunder, you are a lucky, lucky man to have a gf that looks that damn good in furs!! What a fox - and the coats aren't bad either!!


Do hope you are gonna do more pix of her in the fox coat..



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We both appreciate all of the supportive comments!


- Sorry, she doesn't have a sister (only child)


- She loves to pose in fur very much (if the weather was better here in TN)


- She wants her next coat to be a full length crystal fox.



I'm working on getting her back over here so I can photograph her some more. And we are working on getting more fur!

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