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Fluff Momma Uggs


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Hi there friends,


I was out shopping with my wife the other day and i saw these boots in a ugg boot




She said she liked the boots and would definitely wear them ;) however, unfortunately we didn't have time to get them


They reminded me of the famous but now discontinued ugg brand boots the Fluff Momma




They had sheepskin all over the outside and were lined with sheepskin, like normal ugg boots.


After a brief search on ebay they are now selling for an exorbitant price and in limited numbers.


My questions is does anyone else know if other sellers who sell a similar boot? I also think she would even like a pair of blue fox boots!!!


Thanks in advance

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Thanks elbas,


They are lovely, in fact my wife has them in black fox


However, i was actually for the genuine boot style.


Thanks again

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