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Chantal Contouri

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For review of "snapshot" 1979 go to the smoking bar in off topic.


Can anyone tell me what other movies chantal appeared in with furs?


I know she was in Alvin Purple Rides Again....dont know if theres any fur in that or "Thirst"


Nice pic;



I remember once as a kid chatting to a lady with an ozzie accent in a dyed GREEN fox coat and emerald green suede mini skirt and over knee boots and leather gloves in the UK. She had missed a coach and had to wait an hour. I was about 14. I am sure it was her; she said she was an actress. And she chain smoked I was utterly transfixed. She was very nice to me and I was amazed as she was so lovely. I remember her perfume even now.Wonder if these ladies know what they do to us huh? But at the time I didnt remember her name. Also Chantal is Greek...so maybe it wasnt her but very similar looking.


So if anyone else has any shots of her in furs I would be happy to see them!!!

Know anything about her Piotr?

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*SIGH* Uhuh.


Greek Aussie. Actress. There were a couple of shots of her taken from either that movie or another where she was wearing a blue fox coat that changed halfway down to silver...... The shot was taken as she came down a set of stairs. First came to my attention in the ABC classic soapie "Bellbird". Have no idea about her current activity though... better do a search, hadn't I?? *grin*


Edit #1: Did find this review of Snapshot, aka The Day after Halloween. I dunno either LOL


Oh and another page said that she was born in 1949.... in Sparta. Migrated to Oz in 1954 (good year that *grin*) But the search for more pics of her in fur have so far proved furless *sigh*.


Edit #2: here's the link... read at your own peril.



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