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Crete - a great fur shopping destination

Norwegian lynx

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When you think of Crete, you might only think of beaches and weather to hot to even think about furs. Many people don't know this, but Greece is actually one of Europes main fur manufactorers and exporters! I was on a vacation to Crete a few weeks ago, and in the place we stayed, a few miles east of Rethymno city, there were more than 10 large fur shops selling high quality mink, fox and lynx furs. Early in september, many of them are preparing to close down for winter, when tourism is low, and were doing sales from 50%-70% on ALL their items.

A couple of ears back I was at Corfu, and was pleased to see several major fur shops there as well. Not so strange, being a very popular holiday destionation for Russians.

If you ever visit mainland Greece, you should also visit Kastoria, the fur capital of Greece, where alot of high end furs are being made.

Something to consider, when planning your next holiday!

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Indeed, in Crete there are numerous fur shops. You should know that 99% of the furs at the islands all come from Kastoria too.

You will find the most fur shops (outside Kastoria) in Hersonissos near Iraklion,Crete

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