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I've only just come across this site this morning and simply had to register and post to say hello to everyone here.


I'm a gay guy, from the UK, Manchester more specifically, and been crazy about fur for as long as I can remember. In the late 70s, early 80s, growing up, my mother had a fur coat which I would wear whenever no one was home, and simply fell in love with how it soft and luxurious it felt. She didn't have it for long though - one day it was just gone, and I was gutted. It would be several years before I got to experience fur again. Buying my first fur around 15 years of age - a second hand fur from a charity shop that cost about £30 - telling the shop owner it was a present for my mother! I didn't get to keep it for long however, as it was nigh on impossible to keep it hidden.


Owned numerous furs throughout my life, bought from stores, charity shops, and of course ebay, but most have been sold. I currently own 4 furs though - a fox/rabbit gilet bought from a local store, a silver fox 3/4 length bought from a store in Portobello Road in London, a red fox jacket bought from ebay, and a parka coat with a raccoon fur hood and cuffs, again bought from a local store. Love each and every one of them so much


Anyway, would be great to get to know all of you more.


Ripples x

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