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Does anybody who has some panties from minkglove like to share the expierence ?! I.E. are they really worth the big loads of money, can you share some pictures, how do they wear, where do you wear .....

I am really curious - and who of us wouldn´t dream of such a fur piece

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If you pull apart a silver fox coat, the sleeves nicely fit into the front underpants particularly with loose pants. You can then go to work in winter and keep extremely warm and furry.


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Soft, thick blue fox and rex rabbit shorts/pants designed strictly for bedroom play time. I like to wear the fox fur inside because inevitably it will and did get stained. The thickness of that fur makes it easy to brush out.




Soft sheered beaver shorts. I bought a pair of these to wear in public. I love the comments! No they were not all good. But what I really like is the pure arrogance of owning and wearing an animal's fur in public around my waist.



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