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if this video doesn't shock and anger you, then you're not human

Guest blowjob

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And the point of showing it here is...............?


Actually it doesn't shock me that much. I have seen far worse in man's inhumanity to man, man's inhumanity to children. What we might call brutality is unfortunately the norm in the natural world. Death, brutal death , is everywhere, it is how things die in many cases. Animal killing animal. Predator eating prey before it is even dead. We have cocooned ourselves away from this in our belief that we are apart from it all in our cosy sterile world. Not so....a man cutting another man's head off with a knife.....a man brutalising and raping an innocent girl just because he can and he wants to ....


I expect both these posts will be deleted by the mods as they are not really appropriate here, after all, the real world is out there, it is not the world of us civilized humans, is it? Shock horror.... shield our eyes from it and it wont exist. Well, sadly it does exist, and it is reality.


How would YOU kill a pig if all you had was a stick or a hammer and the village was hungry........So easy to judge.

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Granted, it's a very big, powerful pig, but they had a big sharp knife and strong rope. No need to bash it on the head over and over again. They only did that for fun. Some of them are actually laughing during the slaughter.


Now, I'm not saying US slaughterhouses, especially the ones serving factory farms, are models of humane slaughter but this ONE instance of pig slaughter in Vietnam is horrifying. The video was posted in January of this year. The footage is not dated so I don't know how old it is.


If the screams of the pig don't cut straight to your heart, then you don't have one. I'm talking generally here, not referring to any specific person.

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