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theory of passing on fur love


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This may seem a crazy theory but.....


Well it got me thinking about how many stories I have heard about men and women getting the fur love as a child from older family members, friends of family ect.


When children where stroking or admiring the fur, it being encouraged or tolerated which passed the love on to the next generation.


So maybe women did this or let it happen, in order to pass this wonderful love of fur ?


My mother and father gave me a moderate amount of grief but my grandmother and aunties, who I think knew I loved fur where much more tolerant.


To quote a recent story from L Tobar '' At 13 years old my family had been visiting family friends of my maternal grandfather in the New York winter season. I remember the wife came to our hotel room wearing a full-length white/silver match fox coat. It was beautiful. I took her coat & put it on one of the hotel beds. I spent about 10 minutes rubbing my face & hands on her coat. My mother yelled at me to stop. The woman told my mom it was okay, I wasn’t doing anything wrong.''


I have to say this has prob died out in the UK and this generation has had to discover fur for themselves for obvious reasons.


What do you think ?

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I find this very plausible in a very surface way. I doubt that most people enjoy fur the way we ("the slightly overenthusiastic") do, and there isn't some enormous conspiracy to pass down the love of fur. But a frequent thread I hear in fetish development seems to stem from childhood experiences - so at least there's something involved, even if it might be totally innocuous.


Personally, I think the woman in the quoted story was just being polite - I'd be surprised if a child playing casually with a multi-thousand dollar coat didn't inspire a little nervousness in anyone.

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I like the term "slightly overenthusiastic" as I think in many cases it properly describes fur lovers.


Also I believe there probably is a strong connection between early childhood experiences and what we like or dislike as adults.

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I don't think you get "slightly overenthusiastic" (nice term) with fur so easily and so predictable. The usual explanation for evolving a fetish - to which I agree - is some childhood experience. But I think you need more than to just see some family member in a fur coat. And I don't know if you can plan this experience, albeit I would appreciate if you could (you know something?).


Nevertheless seeing a family member in a fur coat gives fur some kind of normality, so the next generation might develop a normal enthusiastic attitude towards fur. At least...

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