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Sheared Furs

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Just got a sheared River Otter coat from phabio6 [eBay] and I'm very impressed.


I recently got two jackets back from reconstruction. A sheared silver gray dyed Beaver lined suede jacket and a sheared Alaska Fur Seal lined leather jacket. Both ae incredibly soft. both have fur in the sleeves so they're great with just a T-shirt.


I can't wait for the Otter to get done inside a jacket now since it's so super soft too. Kind of between the Beaver and the Seal. The Beaver is a bit thicker than either of the others. The Seal fur is sheared shorter than either the Beaver or the Otter but it is slightly more silky soft than either of the others and also a bit lighter. Think I'll put the Otter in Denim for an overall light jackt.


I'm glad that I'll soon be frutrated only over which to wear today?



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Yesterday morning I was at a waterfornt job site with the wind at a good clip off the water.


Everyone else was shivering but I was wearing my Seal lined jacket and a T-shirt. I was perfectly comfortable.


I don't think in those situations, especially deeper into the winter, there is such a thing as a jacket that is TOO warm.


The Seal lined jacket was the one that got me to actually start this project. I was wearing the same leather jacket at a harbor job site in the depth of winter with a T-shirt, shirt and wool sweater. I kept thinking I'd be warm if the jacket had a sheared Beaver or Mink lining and collar!


What a difference fur makes and it's soooo nice.



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