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So many interesting people!

Guest furlessinCA

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I've been a member of the Fur Den for almost seven years now. In fact, my anniversary is in two days! In that time I have come across a variety of individuals who, of course, have a common interest. But the variety is almost overwhelming! I've met an economics student who went to an Ivy League school, a scientist, a fur designer (who made a fur bow tie for me) and a teacher who is a fan of Formula 1 racing (I am too, but prefer motorcycle racing) and others. What is great is that we all have a SAFE place to share our interests.


I'm looking forward to many more furry years here at the Den!

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Hear, hear! It's nice to have a little corner of the Internet to call home, and it's equally nice to have interesting and classy company to share it with. Будьте здоровы!

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Over the years people come and go,but some stick for decades.

I have two best friends offline and one of them is from childhood.

I have five in the communty,but not all of them are in here.

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