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Zimbal Mink


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Here's a recent visit from my favorite, "Alice in Dairyland." She gets her new mink coat later this year.



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They actually host field trips for kids. Education is the best way to fight the bullshit animal rights wacko agenda.

The blond teacher is pretty hot too. She knows what she wants for Christmas this year!



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They actually donated a mink to the local zoo. Take that PETA!




"Zimbal Mink visiting "Daisy" the mahogany female mink at the Milwaukee County Zoo! Thank you Trish Kahn for our private tour!!! Zimbal Mink is the proud donor of Daisy Who lives on monkey island and hunts mice and other small rodents"

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No Zoo for these ones! She can't wait to swap out that North Face for a custom mink vest! "You little things are going to fit just right!"






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This isn't Zimbal, but man is she hot! Working in a fur farm, while wearing fur! Hell yeah baby!






This is translated by Google:


Anne was born in the Brabant village of De Rips. Such a nice town, but the city is much nicer! There is plenty to do: go shopping, go out, pick terrace. She lived in a room in Eindhoven and studied Landscape Design at the HAS University of Applied Sciences in 's Hertogenbosch. In the summer of 2015 she was introduced to that which her ​​eyes will twinkle, the mink farm! A girl who thought to live in the city with a dream job in the office she turned into one summer at a woman with a passion for mink, a clear vision and business successor of the parent company.


In 2015, Anne Rooijakkers graduated from the training Landscape Design at the HAS in Den Bosch. Anne says that the first two years were fun, especially the creativity combined with practical spoke to her very much. But the practice was against her. 'Pooh 8 to, if you're lucky, five hours in the office. Sometimes you even more behind the desk. I do not mind to make a lot of hours, but to sit behind the long desk. It also cost her a lot of effort to complete the training. Her perseverance helped here. "If I have to start somewhere I make it out." One thing was clear: Anne absolutely did not want a desk job. Then what remained a big question mark. During her third year internship at the HAS to the municipality 's Hertogenbosch was her supervisor noticed its fine that the chair is not her thing. He also discovered that her eyes well from beginning to shine: mink! When Anne on the mink farm told he said, "Anne your eyes start to twinkle when you talk about your mink. Anne himself was there when unaware and hit his remark in the wind. During the summer of 2015 her father invited her to assist in the care of mink. And the twinkle in her eyes as when not disappeared. Anne has been sold and will find it great to work with mink. History seems to repeat itself. Anja started 30 years ago with the company and Anne seems so excited that she wants to continue the family farm.


The mother of Anne began with the mink farm in 1985. At that time it was remarkable for a woman to start a farming business. Especially when your parents have a dairy farm and you later end up in the mink. The Anja father saw the passion of his daughter was in the care of animals, but also that the heart of Martien, the courtship of Anja, lay not in dairy cattle. The parents of Martien actually had a mink company. And therefore the father of Anja decided to follow his feelings. Anne proudly: "Grandpa asked our Mom 'What if I have a license application for a mink business? The answer was for our mom immediately clear, she quit her job as a medical assistant to cope with heart and soul for the mink. "Together Anja and Martien run their mink farm in De Rips. Since last year, they see that the heart of their daughter Anne is with the mink and the company.


How did you discover your supervisor all the time was right?

Anne says: "I started in the spring with the work on the farm, the dams are just given birth to the puppies and it is a very busy period. I finished school and my dad could use some help. I found it delicious, from the first moment! The big advantage was that I grew up as the animals it: mink are in fact not the easiest manageable animals. I soon had to take my first bite wounds. But it felt very natural from the beginning to work with these animals. In particular, the care of the animals found in the allerleukst, I want to see them one by one and make sure that it goes well with them. I was already at the feeding machine quickly every day, so I've overview and I can check all animals. Yet I always kept in my mind at the outset that the work at the mink was temporary. Because after the pups time I wanted to go and apply within the field where I studied for. But the job never materialized. Mom moved one time the newspaper under my nose with a job that matched my training, an office job. Maybe something for you Anne? I really got goose bumps there. My first thought was; I do not have time for, I have so much to do on the farm! It did not feel good and I realized then that it did not need to do anything with my training. Even though people say to me: it's a waste of your HBO program. To me it is clear, I want to take care of nothing but our animals. " She says with twinkling eyes.


Of the city back to the countryside

Anne so passionate for the animals shall have mother Anja surprised. Anne is from the city; go shopping, pick terrace, entertainment; she'd gone. Suddenly she says after three years of her room in Eindhoven and she lives at home again. Not only live, she works with every day. She had never done. I thought: I hope it goes well, mother and daughter together on the farm. We are so different. But we also feel each other well. I saw how fanatical Anne took care of the animals and what it did to her. Even after going out they went along as the puppies to see if they needed extra care. It became increasingly clear that Anne would feel at home in fur farms we said at one point: "Let's try it together." I wish Anne the space to explore and develop. Let's swim herself. If she has an idea, we say try it, we can always go back to the old situation. If we do not try, it never changes. " Anne now works together with her father Martien. Anja mother takes care of everything around the company and the company it ensures the quality selection of the animals.


Vision and challenge

In one year, Anne has found her passion and even developed a clear vision. "The care of the animals is really my thing. I want coming years to further develop the company, not growing in numbers but in the quality of our final product; better mothers, more pups, reduced scrap, improved health, greater mink, more colors etcetera. Also in the communication about fur farming challenge I see. I want to show the reality. Sometimes I'm not going to debate with opponents of fur farming because I feel no room for my story. I really want to be open and show my pride. Ideally, I would open my business to people.

On my key chain hangs a heart of mink fur, as I lay in a group of people I see table stand or not open very quickly or people to interview. people may be against me and therefore I listen to their stories and arguments. Conversely, I expect people that they listen respectfully to my story. Recently, a woman said to me, even though you have a mink farm, yet you are a nice person. Well, that hurt and made me again realize that you sometimes does not come through. On the other hand, these situations me again stronger. Last summer I went to the Fur Creativity Summer School in Greece. During the summer school I worked with fashion designers from all over Europe. Really cool to experience! It is so beautiful that people from around the chain come together to learn from each other. It was quite a relief to you not having to justify or defend on keeping mink. There are so many misconceptions about our industry. But the designers I realized that lacks much knowledge and background of fur. I try to help by sharing my experiences and knowledge so that the right information is scattered across our industry. It was such a lovely experience that I would like once again signed up for this year. "


Probably fur farming banned in the Netherlands per January 1, 2024. And then?

"Then I go abroad more," she says firmly. Where they do not yet know. "At least in a country where politics is safe so I do not back away within a few years. The possible ban of 2024 makes sure you're very busy over the next decade, mutual discussions, in decisions and investment in your entire race. It gives a lot of uncertainty, you can not forward but is stationary. I told my friend: "If you stay with me, knows that there is a big chance that I continue in other countries." If I undertake, I still would not want to grow abroad in numbers but in quality of animals. You know, for the same money the ban changes the next few years, nothing is certain. I want to make me not too busy; who will live, who will arrange. My life motto is: "Work hard, be good to yourself and occasional fisje" I'm very happy and that's worth a lot. ".

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Zimbal is one of the largest and the most reputable mink farms in the world.

Their Black mink especially (sold under Black Nafa) is one of the best.

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