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Fox Fur Coats Made of Half Skins - A guide to a unique and beautiful fox fur style


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Fox fur is the second most popular fur type when it comes to fur garments and the most widely used fur fabric in the general clothing industry. Most fur lovers are acquainted very well with garments made of full skins which are great but there is another fur making style and technique which is not widely known to the public- the fox fur garments made of half skins.


What is a half skin fox fur coat ?



The full skin fox coats are made by rectangular pieces cut of the dorsal area of the skin and stitched together. No doubt this is the best part with the highest density and most even look . What is left from the original skin can be utuilized in the half skin technique to produce gorgeous looking garments at a fraction of the cost . Most certainly the final product will be more lightweight than a full skin coat but still very warm since fur is fur . A blue fox fur coat at knee length would weigh in average 5 pounds while a half skin fur coat of the same style would weigh 3.5 pounds for example.


Half skin fur coats consist of three different parts .


the upper part is made of the front paws which have rich underfur and short hair

the middle part is made of the abdominal area of the skin which has long guardhair and limited undefur

the lower part is made of the "buttocks of the skin" which have thick unnderfur and guardhair-between the thick triangular shaped "buttocks" the furrier inserts flat triangular shaped rear paws - the result is a very fine looking bottom sweep that is the trademark of the coats made of fox half skins

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