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Liverppol versus the 'ammers

Guest touchofsable

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Well my suggested bet is 9/1 west ham to beat Liverpool 2 -1


All night all i have heard is :


west am west am apples and pears blah blah clyde best was black so we aint racist but we are skins...skin.....ead.....ssss...born wivin the sand o beau bells up the ammers alf garnett shud ave been prime iniister an ow can you geezers say any fing cos you ad that scouse git that gave birf to cheri blair whos f****ked the county right up and we gave em a right good kickin' in the council elections cos we voted in the good ole BNP. Gertcha! rabbit rabbit.



Alraight alright but you jus ave to luv ar liver birds dont cha cus yer southern gals aint got it av they ...they thinks mainlao blaghniks the descendent of genghis kahn and think a basque is somat yer get out of

a spanish revolutionary movement an anyway were gonna slaughter yer tommmorah and anyways alright alright youu'lll nevvvvver...wallllkkkkkk....alone.............yerlll nev.........vvvvver wallkk alone..walk on walk on...with pride in yer art...and yerlll never wallkj alone ypulllllllllnevvvvvvvvve.....errrr wallkkkk...alllllone. hic Liv.....er......................poooooooool.



Please can I come and watch the superbowl please?





It was a fabulous game and I havent seen a cup final like it since I was a kid. I had no interest in either team but it was tremendously exciting. After eneding 3-3 after extra time and went to penalities. liverpool won.

On second thought stick the superbowl.

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