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How I discovered my own love of women’s furs in my exploration of my own for fetish. My first time…


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When I first discovered my love for fur was when I had first found my grandmother’s own faux leopard full-length coat at 14 years old. The first time I wore the coat I enjoyed the feel & warmth of the fur. I did not know it was a fake fur. I became fascinated with full-length coats. I remembered that at five years old my older sister had a white rabbit fur jacket for Sunday church service. I would sneak in touch by rubbing my h& up & down the jacket. At 13 years old my family had been visiting family friends of my maternal grandfather in the New York winter season. I remember the wife came to our hotel room wearing a full-length white/silver match fox coat. It was beautiful. I took her coat & put it on one of the hotel beds. I spent about 10 minutes rubbing my face & hands on her coat. My mother yelled at me to stop. The woman told my mom it was okay, I wasn’t doing anything wrong. That memory always stuck with me. Throughout my life I had various moments seeing women wearing fur. Such as in second grade a school counselor who had a crystal fox jacket she’d worn on cold Florida days. I had been mesmerized.

I spent my teenage years surfing the Internet & had found in 1999 NTC web, one of the first fur fetish sites with a forum & photos. I collected floppy disks of candid fur photos or anything else I could find. I would use them for sexual pleasure. Ingraining my love & desire for fur. I had to hide it for my family. Between 14-18 years old I also visited high-end department stores, Bloomingdale & Sak’s Fifth Avenue, to visit their fur salons to discover what real fur felt like. The first few visits I pretended to the saleswoman I had been interested in fur. The minx, foxes, sables, raccoon, & beaver pelts were amazing. I felt only comfortable touching them & not trying them on. Later I would gain more confidence with each visit, that by 16-17 I would start trying on many different fur coats.


When I reached 16 years old I had found this fabulous site when it first had been melodymyqth.com & enjoy the active forums on all subjects of fur fetishism, fashion, & appreciation. I’d visit the site later when it transformed into the FurDen we all know today.


At 18 years old I purchased my first fur pieces from a local Goodwill Donation Thrift Store. My first was a cream color mink stole & a well-worn brown stole. I took them home & hid them underneath my bed, because my insecurity about whether my family would accept me for my fetish. Shortly I will would discover consignment stores that sold women’s apparel & outerwear. Before I search for my next for item, I would model in front of the bathroom mirror while I’d worn the mink stoles. I felt empowered by the soft texture. & thought if these feelings were normal for an 18-year-old male.


The first time I visited Camilla’s Boutique & seen that in October she’d started accepting consigned women’s fur coats. I had been in heaven at the site of about a dozen different furs. The store attendant wouldn’t allow customers to try & furs. My first serious fur coat purchase had been an Autumn Hazel Mink full-length size 10-12 women’s style. I can only describe it as having a blonde off-white color, large turn up collar, large cuffs, & large decorative button with hooks. It felt to my angles on my 5’8” frame. This code to cost me $1,000 dollars on consignment. Throughout the years I would buy a full-length Crystal Fox, full-length Dark Mahogany Mink, full-length Black Spotted White Fox, an Autumn Hazel Mink full-length, Silver White Fox Jacket, Blush Fox, Pastel Mink Coat, White Mink Wrap, Grey Fox, & an inherited faux Leopard Patterned full-length coat.

Over the years these coats & this beautiful site has given me so much enjoyment. I’ve never been able to get the acceptance from my family or friends as I’ve gotten from the FurDen. This is how I have come to appreciate furs in so many ways. & even though I continue to have society tell me I am wrong from loving furs, I still stay strong & hope to find someone that will enjoy my passion for furs as much as I do.

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Thanks for sharing your insight and story. I guess you're already aware that you're amongst friends here.


I noticed you've also posted this in the Stories area as well and given the experiences you're relating and possible likely responses, I might close this thread off and let the other continue

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