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What could be my newest


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What could soon be my newest purchase.


Maxi Long Hooded Coat.

Satin lined, with fur lined hood.



Overalls, with fur lined hood.

Microfleece lined for added warmth.

Drawstring hood.




Handcrafted in Peru, from Baby Alpaca fur. Could take up to 3 weeks to produce.

Winter weather there currently, requires the extra waiting time.

Waiting on other information, regarding a few other interests first.

Looking at other sizing modifications on a couple of other furs.

Also waiting on information on several G Scale garden railroad items of interest.


Shall see what happens on Wednesday.

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Definitely photos!!


Other plans fell through. Contact with 3 G Scale train stores was a complete failure!

Store 1 - No reply

Store 2 - Returned mail. No User Found Here.

Store 3 - Got 2 numbers. No explanation. No other information on what I had asked about.


Sent the go ahead to begin the making of what should be my newest coats.

Could take up to 3 weeks though. Because it's winter there, so I've been told, it

will take a little longer, as hides will need to be carefully and properly prepared.

Have also been told I will be kept updated on the making of coat/overalls. Including photos.

Will be taking next step, when I hear back. Sounds like both could arrive in time for cold weather!

Updates as necessary.

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Have begun the process. Made the requested down payment tonight.

Will be contacted Monday, with the information they need, for making

both of my new coats. I'm guessing the end of August, maybe the first

part of September.


Hopefully, I'll be kept updated on the manufacturing process, as promised.

Now, I think I can slowly start getting excited! Can't wait! Guessing they

should arrive in the States just as the cooler weather starts showing up!

Looks and sounds like it'll be well worth the wait!

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Paying $3500 for both.

Custom sized.

Shipping costs included.


Long coat - satin lined, fur lined hood with drawstring

Overalls - micro fleece lined, fur lined good with drawstring


Micro fleece lining for added warmth.

It's an option, as is fur lined hood.

Options I chose were the micro fleece lining and fur lined hood.

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  • 1 month later...

Got photos of my coats yesterday. Just about the time I was ready to inquire about them!

They look pretty nice, warm and comfortable!! A slight change on lining in the overalls though.


The hooded white maxi long coat. Standard hood, but I had drawstring added!

Satin lined, with fur lined hood. 6 hidden clasps for closure.



Hooded multi colored overalls. Micro fleece lined, fur lined, drawstring hood.

Hidden zipper for closure.



Hand crafted in Peru, from baby alpaca fur. Took a bit longer than expected. Pelts needed more time

to properly prepare, due to the extreme winter weather there at this time!

Much as I hate to admit, I'm kinda looking forward to the cold weather! Severe sunburn 2 weeks ago!

Right foot, about ankle level, severely blistered as a result. Along with the matching intense pain!


Photos of actual coats when I recieve them!


Larger versions also, IF I can figure out HOW to post larger version(s)!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Got word yesterday, that coats would be shipped out today.

Haven't received shipping information yet. But, if sent today, I'll

have them by the end of the month. 12-15 days, so they say. Will see.

Can't wait! Hopefully, by the time they do arrive, my seriously sunburn

blistered right foot, will be healed much better! Trying an Aloe Vera gel

to heal healing and pain relief. Again, will see.

Getting closer to being able to use new coats. Have had a couple of nights

recently, that made it to the upper 40's. So, colder weather is getting here, but

it sure is taking its time! Then again, I don't like winter. And I'm not too fond of

extreme summer heat either. Spring and fall are fine. Not too hot, or too cold.

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I will definitely post photos once they arrive!!


Am also looking into mmadding a pair of mittens at a little later date as well.

Had I thought of it earlier, I'd have tried to include them in this order with

the 2 coats as well.


If all goes well, and shipped out as promised, I should have them in 12-15 days, as stated.

Or about the end of this month, with luck! Just in time for the cooler weather to arrive!

What could also be called the perfect early birthday present too!!

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Got notice, after I asked, that both coats have been shipped out!

Recieved tracking number and links to Serpost and USPS for tracking purposes.

Shipped last Friday, so I'm guessing that by next Friday, I may have them!

Listed as taking 12-15 days to ship, so we'll see.

Just in time!

A nice B-day present, from Me, to Me!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Inbound out of customs, Miami, FL.

As of this morning. Maybe by the end

of the week, I'm hoping! Up until now, updates

said it was being prepared for shipment.

None too soon! Rain and/or snow mix stated for one day

in the near future! With near freezing temp overnight.

Last I've heard. That's likely to change though!!

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