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Please start a new topic.

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It seems every time I start a topic, I kill it. So, in that light, because no on has responded to the "Dallas" post (WHICH IS FINE) and no one is starting a new topic, I am asking, pleading, please start a new topic so that the entire Den can enjoy it.


Best to all,



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I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with you - the Dallas topic is perhaps something people would rather not talk about for the obvious reasons (not to mention it predominantly only affects the US-based members here).


Beginning conversation starters is always a hard one to get going. I could start one about the farcical circus that was yesterday's Tour de France stage but I get the feeling it'd pretty quickly turn into a conversation for one.


I guess what I'm trying to say is don't be disheartened if something you start doesn't carry on

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I'm just not touching that Dallas thing with a ten foot pole. There are so many varied opinions on it, and I personally believe there is no real solution right now. The world is fucked, and is getting worse.


And your 'what are you reading?' one - I don't read really.. just internet stuff, and thats about it.

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I'm sure there be more slaughter out there.

Should we do anything about it and censor it to keep this a happy place?

Is it enough that we see the shit on the news?

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All good points, especially "...shit on the news..." I usually turn of the news because it is so depressing.


Oz: I vaguely heard about the TdF finish. I haven't checked ANYTHING. Did Chris Foome's bike break or something?


I'm all ears!

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