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Barbie Appreciation Thread


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Barbara Millicent Roberts may be the world's most famous fashion doll, and is also a fur lover. Yeah officially she wears fake fur (which is technically true anyway), but Barbie still can rock a fur even today.


I don't consider myself a Barbie fanboy, I just like women in elegant clothing and furs, even if in toy form.


Enchanted Evening

00e800493404772.jpg 57e564493404773.jpg



777064493404774.jpg dd071c493404775.jpg


Spectacular Fashions - Blue Magic - Homecoming Queen


Don't know the official name of this clothes set, you can find it (and others) with either of the three. Yet this is important to me, as I remember seeing my sisters dress their Barbies in these fur accessories, and even then my love for fur was starting.


Happy Holidays (1989)



Happy Holidays (1994)

8c7be5493404779.jpg 5fb2c6493404780.jpg

This outfit is still my overall favorite.


Happy Holidays (2007)


This may have been inspired by the dresses at the end of the movie "White Christmas".


Holiday Celebration (2001)



Holiday Treasures

f824f1493404784.jpg 794c48493404785.jpg

It's just a little bit of fur, but the outfit is so nice it didn't need much.


Festive Seasons



Winter's Eve and Happy Holidays Gala (1995)

20c5d5493404788.jpg 2601a8493404789.jpg

Yeah, these look very similar, though it's still a pretty design regardless.


Happy Holidays Gala (1994)



Holiday Wishes (2014)



Special Occasion



Queen of Hearts



Skating Star



Radiant Redhead


So it's the Jean Grey doll?


Fantasy Goddess of the Arctic

f26228493404797.jpg c535b1493404798.jpg

This came out in 2001, yet today looks like a really fancy fan costume for Elsa.


Midnight Tuxedo


Most of the time I've seen Barbie wear fur it's white. I don't mind since that's my favorite fur color, but even the exceptions look good. Heck, I don't even care that she's not wearing the fur in this pic (usually draping it by the hand bothers me since we see less of the fur), though she is wearing it in the actual box.


Winter Princess line -- Winter Princess, Peppermint Princess, Jewel Princess

74b458493404801.jpg 9862f4493404802.jpg 2826e4493404803.jpg 69d9e9493404804.jpg 6e87e6493404805.jpg aa5edb493404806.jpg

Both the box covers and dolls.

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How about the human Barbie?


Sorry, couldn't get the pics uploaded.



That would be for a thread about her, separate from this.

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How about the human Barbie?


You mean Barbi Benton?


She once said:

"I believe that mink are raised for being turned into fur coats. And if we didn't wear fur coats, those little animals would never have been born!"

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