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Game of Thrones


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I loved the last season




Looking forward to winter...


edit:moved from FZ.

one picture is not enough


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Yeah, the last season certainly had its dramatic moments. More importantly, it was very easy to fall for Sansa. The only trouble was whose fox collar would I pinch, Jon's ( http://static6.techinsider.io/image/5771314a52bcd01d7b8cb9fd-2400/jon%20snow%20parlay%20battle%20of%20the%20bastards%20game%20of%20thrones%20helen%20sloan.jpeg ) or Ramsay's... ( https://typeset-beta.imgix.net/2016/5/1/image-42ed82b0-1eff-4308-acdf-aec8c3caead3.jpg?w=450&h=450&fit=crop&crop=faces&auto=format&q=70 )

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