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Annual Fur&Bikini Shoot: Looks like fun!


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Thanks to a fellow Den member, I have found out about an activity called "Annual Fur&Bikini Shoot". Apparently it has become a tradition, since last February it was held for the 8th time! I hope there will be a 9th one next year, so I would say to our friends in the US, mark your calendars!


Here is the announcement:

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It was very fun, if maybe a little weak on the organization and communications. I plan on going again next year. If you have any questions about the event just let me know!


Honestly I would prefer Fur and Lingerie. Would like to get a shoot like that done in Tahoe some winter. Denver is not that great a place to shoot fur. It is a high plains desert which means everything is dry, and the snow melts pretty quickly.

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