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What are you reading?

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Along the lines of "What are you listening to?" I thought I'd start a thread on people are reading. I currently read "Grunt" by Mary Roach. The cover caught my eye as it has a Marine with a backpack on, with another five or six backpacks on top of that. The book is about military science. Given my son was a corpsman, I thought it would be interesting. It WAS!


I am now reading Roach's book called "Stiff". It's about what happens to cadavers. Fascinating!


Next on my list will be Gulp also by Roach.

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Great topic! " title="Applause" />

I'm a freak on high-tech Sci-fi!

Half-way trough "Eon" by Greg Bear.

It's from 1985 and i have search for it like crazy after a likeminded reader on FFG pointed it out.

I have trouble to get to sleep then reading before bedtime.

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Thank you Marcel! Sorry for the tardy response!




You have teached me that there are no tardy responses.

Looks like folks don't read much books these days.

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Oy lots of things.


Jurassic Park: The Lost World by Michael Crichton


Black Aces High: The Story of a Modern Fighter Squadron at War by Dave Wilcox


I'm also reading a smattering of x-men hardcovers and tpbs here and there.

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When I get back to it, the latest special edition Trains issue - Colorado Railroads


Covers stuff such as:

Union Station project t

Moffat Tunnel

Joint Line, south to Co Springs and Pueblo

Narrow gauge tourist lines

Museums and display pieces

ALL RTD station stops on the system.

And of course, the Pikes Peak cog railroad, the article I just finished reading.


Also need to read a book given to me a couple months ago.

Picked at a thrift store, for a couple dollars:


Denver Union Station

1884 / 1914 / 2014


The revitalization of Denvers Union Station. To become a central location

for RTD Light Rail, RTD bus service, Airport service and Amtrak trains.

Including what the area used to look like, currently looks like and what future plans are.

The once upper, unused office space is now a 112 room hotel!


Gotta check out it out before too long!

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Venus in Furs by Von Sacher Masoch, disappointing on the one hand because it's boring and repetitive, but interesting on the other hand because it's one of the first examples of fetishism in literature

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Books by Joan D Vinge:  The Snow Queen and then The Summer Queen, Tangled Up In Blue and Worlds End.  All ripping yarns set in an alternative universe.  Easy to read.   (Ms Vinge wrote spin offs for the Star Wars franchise).  Apparently they are feminist novels - all the lead characters are female;  and why not?  Ripe for a movie franchise I should think.

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