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Man finally cleared of mammoth extinction

Guest touchofsable

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I thought about putting this in off topic but it needs to satand here to refute the idiotic claims of over hunting such an animal.

I have always argued that such extictions would threaten hunting cultures too so they would protect rather than over hunt, herds if they could. As many of the early religions were animist it didnt fit. Just a posture gut reaction from the feeble minded urban scientific community.


Well now its accepted that the wooly mammoth was wiped out because of climate change ect:




this would have been one of early mans first fur sources; and they have conserved it if they could.


with beaver it was logging. that almost wiped them out.

the Tasmanian wolf distemper.

with the leopard it will be habitat destruction by man.


ALL these, and the mammoth, have been blamed on hunting by man, fur trade etc. for TOO LONG. Its a lie. If you value something you conserve it.


When idiots stop blaming the fur trade and hunting maybe we can start saving animals from extinction.

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