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having problem longing on . it wont remember my user name or password, i have to type in user name and password each visit. i am a long time member. excalafur.

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that's more of a browser issue.. unless you're not clicking remember my information when logging in.


if you arent allowing cookies to be saved then it will not save your information each time you return.


mine works alright, and i haven't had reports of it not saving for others. i'd suggest clearing browser cache/files/cookies, relogging in and ensuring you check remember my login.



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To expand further on what neoJaguar said, first try clearing your cache and cookies. Then check your browser options to see if "remember passwords for sites" (or something similar) is set. The "Remember Me" option on the LOGIN area sets a cookie that could expire or become corrupted. So my first suggestion might clear it up.


I have found that having the browser remember IDs & passwords is usually more reliable than the "Remember Me" cookie option.

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