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Reading matter: fave authors etc

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I was wondering what people read and their favourite books.


I read Kipling a lot because each time some of the poems send shivers down my spine. I read "The Ballad of East and West" at least once a week.

I do the same with Lord Byrons "Mazeppa".


I have rarely come across novels with good fur scenes and wondered if anyone has come across any. I am ashamed to say I havent read Sacher masochs Venus in Furs though I have the Crepax cartoon book.


I am about to start The Wolves of Calla by Stephen King....I enjoyed the first installments. Sadly I dont read too much these days as my internet time serves as my break from painting instead now.


What are other peoples favourites and what are you currently reading?

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I like reading science fiction . I mostly read books based on Star Trek, (The Original Crew, The Next Generation, The New Frontier & Titan series). Now this has to prove to you I'm way out in space LOL

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I read everything and anything, I enjoyed "The Davinci Code" and recently read "the last templer" both very good and as I don't have a religion it gave me some good perspectives.

For fur read any of the "Chris Ryan" fiction books any chance he gets they mention fur!


I also love Top Gears Jeremy Clarkson's books only because he really doesn't care who he upsets, nothing racial etc. just says what he thinks!


Stephen Kings "cell" was good only to come to an abrupt stop!, but looking at my book case it consists of mainly Autobiographies of military but that

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seems we all have a thing for scy fi.

robsouth...have you read much Sharpe and Flashman?Or do you prefer factual military stuff? Are you ex military?


Also....does anyone read any Dick Francis? I spoke to him just recently as he is retired now. Prepare for a big surprise.

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Wow, interesting question.


My library -as it were- consists of several hundred books about twenty or thirty times (or more) that amount of comic books and a ton of books on tape.


Most of my collection came from my brother, who was the most proficient and rabid reader I've known, but a few were my own purchase. My large collection means I enjoy writers from Stan Lee to Stephen King really.


I have read Masoch's Venus in Furs though I didn't think much of it apart from its furry scenarios. The ending is noteworthy though.


My favorite authors often number of those whose work is not yet in book form. I love OFF's, Sableman's and Worker's fur stories, the solitary story I read by Mickey and a hundred more authors whose names escape me who have wrote about my other interests and whom would number on my list of favorite authors as well.


Now if we're talking about published works, Stephen King, Dan Brown, Robert Service (the verse-writer), Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, number on my list of people whose work I've read in the past two months. I've also reread V For Vendetta by Alan Moore.


As for books with fur scenes in them that I've read, Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler (I believe) has some antagonists and protagonists in fur throughout the book. Nothing noteworthy, unfortunately.


I also read a story entitled "the fur coat" in some sort of idiotic "save the world" collection of horror stories that started off like any wonderful fur fantasy, but ended on a sour (extremely sour) note. Interestingly enough the first half the of the story seemed well written to me as well, and the latter half just wasn't that great. Pity.


In a Spider Man comic I read, there was a claim in it that one of the old heroines, Tigra, had been turned into a fur coat. It was reputed later, but it made me laugh nonetheless. Not necessarily a well wrote fur moment, but I've always hated the Tigra character.


I'll write back if I can think of any more than come easily to mind.



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My bookcase has 1984, A Clockwork Orange and various other Orwell books along with various biographies and art books along with all my comic books of course.

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I have most of my books still packed away from the move as I need shelves for them... but I'll try to say from memory what I have in general:


Anais Nin (most all of her unedited journals and all fiction she had written)


Henry Miller


Leopold Von Sacher Masoch (Venus in Furs)


Pauline Reage (Story of O)


Camille Paglia


(early) Anne Rice (vampire and erotica novels like Exit to Eden and the Sleeping Beuty series)


tons of art reference books like pinup artists such as Vargas and other noted illustrators, photography books (how to and fine art - like Helmut Newton)


lots of Feng Shui books


I know there are things I've not noted, but that gives a good idea of what would line my half of the bookshelves. Now, the boyfriend would fill in lots of sci-fi fiction, lots of gamer related mags and such, role playing game books, tons of pc/program related manuals, etc. etc. A strange mix when altogether.

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I had stacks and stacks of comic books as a kid.


My favorites were Buck Rogers, Captain Marvel and Plastic Man.


My mom had to burn them all though when I recovered from Scarlet Feaver.


Sadest day of my life and I didn't get anymore comic books 'till I was in College and had a wonderful collection of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Furry as in pot smokin bearded Hippies if any of you remember those? They mysteriously dissapeared one day?


I still have the Firesign Theater LP's though.



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I'm a big fan of Spike Milligan - think my sig gives that away!! Am also a fan of Robert Rankin, Terry Pratchett (A -ing Werewolf?), and am also a big reader of books on Japan, for some reason.. Got loads of Stephen Turnbull books, not to mention copies of Hagakure, the Book of Five Rings and The Art of War.



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