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A few stray links...


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I just found these stray links I had saved somewhere else:


voluminous crystal fox

marc jacobs n me


copy and paste this link into your address bar. if you look hard enough, you can spot some major furs in the crowd. this is from the second bush inauguration; anyone ever hear of the 'where's waldo' books?



daunte culpepper. whoever that is.



cutie in blue fox. 18 ain't what it used to be anymore... 8)



tiny image of a massive blue and white fox.



faux at a costume party? copy and paste the link up to the address bar, just like before.



vintage blue fox at 80s day at high school.


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How would you folks feel about a "Best of..." sticky where we can drop in our favorites from everyone's searches? Or would you prefer a locked sticky that would contain updated, moderated submissions? Let me know.



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Thanks Joe... that blue fox "80's" coat is a dream.... I WANT IY NOW!!! yeah right, he said as he shivered at his puter *sigh*


Was disappointed to see that the crystal fox from GErmany was just yoke and sleeve *sigh*, but then those last three shots... part of my ALFP.... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... gotta love furs when you see the wearers smiling like that... and being so.... provocative *grin*

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Thanks Joe. For the links and for the photo diaries too.


This is new (to me):


Moderator's Note: I hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd caption your links to make them a bit easier to navigate. A few of these pictures are going to end up in my March or April photo diaries, but of course, thanks for posting them here. I know y'all don't mind a good repost or two.




exotic pink fox.



mom posing with the blue mink.



I don't know if it's real or faux, but look at that chair!



MASSIVE silver fox...and a "y'all" to boot!



I love your grandma too - and her fox-trimmed mink!

http://community.webshots.com/photo/548705747/2056772430087630617vvRKcK (more pics in the album)


mink and rabbit on the way to a formal evening.



mamma mia!



snuggling in fox. cute caption and cute girl.



massive vintage raccoon.


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Er... this was posted at some point before, but it's so absurdly funny to me because people relate to it... About two months ago, I turned my apartment into a satellite studio due to renovations to my office's building; this led to the scenario of about 18 architects and interns from my office pulling all-nighters in shifts...in my living room. One of our interns found this video at 3 a.m., and, well...imagine six or seven grown women and men in front of a laptop screen doing this (minus the fur):




...and then, they worked happily ever after on autoCAD and sketch modeling, listening to 'Git Rich or Die Tryin'.



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