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hallo :) im Barmalej


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hello all, im guy from Montreal, who shares that unusual fetish of fur that quiet uncommon among other fetishes, but well , it is what it is

i will skip all that blah blah about that stuff make me horny from young age, i would concentrate on "NOW"

since my imagination can drive too far and i'm good on creating things, i decided to realize my fur and bondage fetiches in real life. i learn how to sew, bought few industrial sewing machines and start it.

i guess my purpose here to meet someone minded , to fulfill the fantasies by practicing in real life . i know its hard, but well see what going to happen. my ex didnt really enjoy it, but she was playing with me from time to time, but she gone, my ex wife- well it was all screwed up there, so now i guess i want to get what i want and i know what i want.

i guess with time i will upload some pictures of my creations that will make you horny as hell )) well ) i know i little crazy, but at least my madness has a method. but from another view i don't think it crazy. i don't like pain- neither like to inflict it, all that scat, piss and blood- total turn off! so i don't damage, neither want to damaged, so i guess its all good

anyways, my i have profile on fetlife, but here is more narrow flow on what i like... i guess

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