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St. Moritz in 2018


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Hi All,


In 2018 I plan on taking a trip to St.Moritz for a week or so (to hit both the races and polo weekends). Just wondering if anyone here has continued to go to St. Moritz on this form.


I am in California, so it will be a long journey for me. Also thinking of going to Milan and Prague during my visit to Europe. Hopefully both will be good spots for candid fur photos. And yes I know that Tomas "Goldenfox" lives in Prague, he is the whole reason I want to go there in the first place.

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Lucky you!


I lived in Milan for a time and can vouch for the amazing amount of high quality furs that can be spotted around the fashion district. If you can, try to find out when the opening night of the famous opera house, La Scala, is for that event is a golden opportunity for the great, good and wealthy of Milan to show off their furs. Your chance of getting a ticket is probably very limited but there are screens erected in the centre of the Victor Emanuelle centre and opera lovers can and do sit and watch the whole opera. Very often, it'll be cold so fur is essential. The cold is a very dry cold, ideal for fur!


I would suggest you dress well since the Milanese take clothing VERY seriously and you're more likely to get better service and attention if you are dressed in a suit and tie. Jeans and t-shirts are looked down upon unless you're a teenager! The indigenous population can be quite stand offish so initiating a conversation can be hazardous.


Have a great trip!

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