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Found by Foxnz

Mr Barguzin

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and posted at Fur Fashion forum, but with judiscious analysis, and some fun and games with Word, they do fall under our allowable links *grin* and as you will see.... THANK HEAVENS!!!!



















Oh, and folks... Note Bene: REAL FLAMIN' FUR!!!!


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The one series actually runs from http://www.rubmyboob.com/gallery/026nhk/01.jpg to ....15.jpg and they are mostly delightful. My curiosity now up (that's what I call mine) I poked around a bit and there appears to be a small theme here... I ended up parting with the $20 they want for a 30-day and it seems the photographer has that lovely fox coat and likes all his girls to wear it, and there are a good number of pics as well....very nice find... bravo and thank you!



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