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Does anyone have experience storing around the SF Bay Area?


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Hi all, I'm looking to store a blue fox fur. I live in the SF Bay Area, where there's a dearth of furriers and fur storage sites.


Google tells me that the only big one to speak of is The Fur Salon Saks Fifth Avenue, which has mixed (and occasionally atrocious) Yelp reviews. I don't want a sneering associate to condescend to my inexperienced self. As of now I'm eyeing a place in Concord that has no digital presence - but at least not a negative one. Absence of evidence is not ... but it is a little suggestive that they have not yet pissed off enough people.


As you can see, I don't have much to go on (least of all experience). Can anyone chime in? I'd love to hear some anecdotes if you have any.

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Just call and find out! Lol. No harm in asking questions about storage and cleaning. Definitely store and clean your furs yearly. Saks could work. I used to work for Macy's we had an off site facility and were a full service salon. I'm pretty sure some people are just picky and I doubt they would condescend. Remember they just work sales, not exactly a glorious job, even if they work luxury retail.

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That's interesting - that was a side of Macy's I didn't know about. Is this universal with all Macy's? They don't seem to advertise it.


I see your point, but I do my best to be polite at all times; it hurts to be sassed in response. I can forget about brusqueness if the service is good, though; what worries me is that I've heard horror stories of coats entirely misplaced or mishandled. If I had a bad "manners" experience on top of that, I don't think I could bear it.


Thank you for your input, it's good to hear from someone in the loop.

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