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invitation to new users

Guest touchofsable

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I notice a few new memebers around and wanted to say please feel welcome to post .


You could just start by maybe telling us why you took the plunge and joined, how you got into an appreciation of fur, what your favourite furs are, your fave links, pics, actresses etc. Or you may like to join in on off topic..anything form computer gaming to music and pets. A nice ice breaker and you will soon realise we are a friendly bunch most of the time; certainly some characters, but a great community.


Welcome anyway.

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Folks, Touch pretty much said it all. Here we are just like you. I remember when I first joined how I was almost scared to post that first message wondering what I was getting into. Well, I've gained so many great friends since that time on this site.


If you are a new member who just joined we really hope to hear from you. If you need help registering just give me a quick pm. If you need help to know how to make links, or any thing like that no matter how simple, just print your question in the "Dummies Forum" and one of our folks there will answer your question.


As touch mentioned, we would indeed love to hear from you.


If you have not yet registered to become a member, we hope that you will come in and register and post a message for us. Don't be scared as we are ordinary folk just like you. We indeed have reps from the fur industry here. But, we have farmers and lawyers. Doctors and teachers. Actors and dentists. Young folk and old.


Come on in and join us. You will love it here.



P.S. When you join make sure you read about changing styles in the FAQ here. It is right near the top. You would not believe what happens when you do that! That it is one of the best parts of this site and so many here miss it because they refuse to take the two minutes it takes to do it. You will be so glad that you did. Even after working on this site for months, that still fascinates me every time I see it!

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I'll get behind Touch's comments.


None were any more tentative than me for my first posts.


This was my first posting or responding on line to anything. I was a very late comer to the internet and on line correspondence.


It has been theraputic if nothing else.


It eventually led to my stories after my getting over my reservations.


It's now a lot of fun.



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I don't know if I'd call myself a "new member."


I was active for awhile in the Fur Den's Melody Days (towards the end and under another name) and I've been active on the Fur and Fashion board on again off again as well.


I technically am a new member to the new Fur Den, though, so I guess I'll introduce myself.


Hello, I'm Furman. Not the most creative name, I know, but it was the only thing that came to mind when I registered here.


I came here, as in to this board, because I'm friends with another member of the board and she told me that I may as well write a few posts if I'm going to read the other posts and ogle the pictures and I agreed with her.


I honestly don't remember when I first found fur appealing. When I was six I used to enjoy sitting next to a girl who used to wear fake furs on the school bus but I was turned onto them before that. Maybe from birth?


I don't have a favorite fur. I like them all. As for links, actresses, sites or anything else, I don't have any in particular favorites that come to mind on the fur side of things apart from the Fur Den.

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Furman it is always great to have posts such as this from a new member to introduce themselves.


You said that you were a member on the Old Melody board. So this is "welcome" the second time.


White Fox

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