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Red Green show - 4/18 - odd happenings!


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Bought my ticket for the Red Green show at the Paramount Theatre in Denver, back in Feb!

Show was this past Monday night. Wasn't too bad of a day, but decided to wear the Lynx coat.

Not a bad idea, as by the time I made the RTD light rail stop, the wind had picked up a bit and

it was starting to get cold!


After taking care of a couple of things before taking train downtown, I headed towards were the

front of the train would be. From 2 tracks over, waiting for a different train, so drunk, high, or just

plain obnoxious guy yelled out "Hey, what a great f**king fur coat!!".


Reached my stop and got off train, and started heading the 2 1/2 block walk to the theatre.

Approached and stopped by 4 females, wanting to know if it OK if they took my photo.

Wanted photo(s) for a bachelorette party, of someone in "costume!" So they claimed.

Made the theatre, bought a shirt and found my seat. One of the ticket ladies commented on the coat though!

Loved it! Interestingly, no comments made in theatre, after I had entered.

And a couple more comments exchanged, with same lady, after the show as I was heading out.


Encountered 4 more individuals, 2 of them a bit questionable....As if they'd been smoking

something! Not that folks smoke legalized weed in Colorado! They all loved coat.

Also highly recommended that I check out the Overland Sheepskin store on the 16st mall.

Have see it online, but have never been there.


Overall, a rather fun, and quite interesting evening!


Now, I gotta really start looking for a facility to clean/glaze and store coat for the summer months!!

Suggestions welcome, from anyone in/near the Denver area!

Or somewhere recommended, even if shipping will be required.


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