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I received an email from imax today saying that he was going in for surgery Thursday.


He had mentioned a month or so ago that he was in terrible pain and had surgery planned. I had asked him to keep us informed.


He won't be able to check back in for two weeks or so. When I hear from him again, I will give you an update.


Just thought you might like to know.



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That is a great idea. But, he said we could not reach him for probably two weeks. He expects it will be that long before he can set at his computer. He is having a serious back operation, I believe.


I will see if AK can set up a membership here for him. I will PM him his password. Maybe we can leave posts here for him to read when he gets back.


I know this will mean a lot to him. I don't think members realize that they do matter to us. Especially if people give us a chance to actually get to know them like IMAX did.


Any other ideas?



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I must say I am impressed with the way this forum is like a family. I have already met several people on it and its really special.


I don't know, can we set up some kind of e-card or something where we can all sign and message? Alternatively a thread that could then be printed out and sent in a get well card?

I had several pms from Imax and he was really nice; I could tell he was in some bad pain though.

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