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The first morning in our new home


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FrBrGr, AK and White Fox,


Thank you so much.


I have known for awhile that your dream of our new home was going to be a reality. But, now that it is, my excitement has changes to awe and absolute joy. I feel so lucky to see it happen.


All of the "growing" that we had to do on the Old Den has given birth to this wonderful new site. I just see endless possibilities for us. I am setting here at my computer this morning with tears in my eyes.


Thank you!






I in particular want to thank you for expending the incredible efforts to make your dream come true. In doing so, you have made this dream come true for us, as well.


My hope for you is now you are able to enjoy your home and know that this is the place you were true to yourself and enjoy this wonderful home you have built for us all to share. Now the REAL you can come out. The side that I know, for all of us to share.


Your very loyal friend and admirer,



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You couldn't have put it any better Linda.


White, AK, FrBrGr,


I certainly look forward to working with all of you as a mod on the new site and learning as much as possible from this.


Welcome Home everyone!

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