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Fox Fur Pompon's


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While Fox (or other like raccoon) Fur pompons are a huge trend worldwide for a couple of years now,

I see no thread or discussions from our fellow den members.

Is it too small piece of a fur for our fur enthusiast members?





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They are kind of fun! Not sure I'd accent anything with one. But they are fun looking. I've been thinking about a fur phone case. But that might be a bit too much.

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Yea it's definitely very noticeable. I see a lot.


It's great to see lots of people buying real fur. It normalises it and hopefully breaks down the stigma and encourages some to buy a coat / jacket / gilet or a collar.


Fingers crossed fur continues to rise next winter!!

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I spotted two balls hangin in a cars rear view mirror.

Not a fan of anything in my sight,but they are better than dices.

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