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I paid a quick visit to London on Saturday principally to go to the V&A but ended up in Harrods.


They have fur!


Admittedly not loads, but lots of capes and wraps all fur trimmed, very lavishly to, all on prominent display on the ground floor. Also on the fashion floors there were various coats and jackets sporting lovely fox trims.


Maybe next year they will display full coats.



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Used to look forward to the post Christmas sale at Harrod's as the cameras would always head to the fur ection and show at least one or two sable coats... and the "reductions" ( Prices still took my Aussie Battler breath away).


It was when I saw those reports that I knew there was a reason to work and prosper.... unfortunately, not prosperously enough to get to London before the PETAphiles had their misguided ways.


So as an outsider, all I can do is pray that what yiou say does indeed come true next year. Maybe the news in Oz will return to the halcyon days of actually showing furs rather than editing them out of reports.

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They had full furs last season....but were part of collections.


How'd your college work finish up tryxie?

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I would imagine that they didn't have a lot of furs on display because, for most people, they are "out of season".


Even around these climes, when March 1 rolls around the winter goods go back into the warehouse and the spring goods come out. There are stores around here that might have one or two (overpriced) furs way in the back, locked up with chains around the racks during the fall/winter season. When spring comes, they disappear.

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