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I want outrageously big&fluffy fur hats&masks


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I have been watching The Hunger Games franchise's latest film, The Mockingjay Part 2, and there was a character called Tigress, whose face has been modified so much she looked like a, well, a tigress ) She wore an awesome fur hat that looked like it was her own fur. I think it was made of cross fox fur, but I just loved the way it looked.


205014473538444.jpg 951777473538448.jpg 9baeb1473538462.jpg bc5a1a473538467.jpg 7cecda473538471.jpg 2465ae473538484.jpg 319c2a473538489.jpg


Although this is a hat, the fact that her face has been altered so much and that the hat looks as if it is part of her head&her fur, I am mesmerized by the thought of a fur hat that is also a mask and covers your head in a glorious crown made of fur.


Another imagery that fires up my imagination is the provocative masks worn with feathers&furs at the Venice Festival.


961749473540854.jpg 147784473540863.jpg 92febc473540885.jpg 5057d5473540899.jpg 1617e3473540910.jpg fca338473540943.jpg a0948e473540955.jpg 278300473541003.jpg 66398c473541026.jpg


What do you think?

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