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Couple Pics - mild nudity


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If you've ever spent any time in the southern USA, or you have heard about life in the South, you'll know about this:


The word "naked" means "A person who isn't wearing clothes."


The word "nekkid" (Pronnounced "NECK-IT".) means"A person who isn't wearing any clothes... but they is UP TO somethin'!!"



Them's pictures of nekkid women if I ever did see one!



Translation: Nice pics, Earendil!

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For my money, there's nothing at all wrong with the first one. I wish she was wearing my fur, but that's just me! That's nothing more than a 'Playboy-style' pic if there ever was one.


The second - well lookie here - exposed private parts! IMO that's




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All the skin hounds will be happy to know that both pics fly underneath the Code of Conduct's radar screen. They're referred to by our host as "Playboy-type pictures" and conform to our terms and conditions.

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Although a little more fur would be nice. By the way guys, did you see the real fur?


They both are very tasteful pictures and beautiful women.


Man!! To have a tight belly like that again!!!



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