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So you think you know me?

Guest Tryxie Trash

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No you don't.


You maybe think you do 'cos you remember the gobby Tryxie from last year, but that doesn't mean you know me.


I've been a long term member here in one guise or another since around 2005 I think when this place was part of the Melody O'Hair conglomerate, but I used a different name then. I rejoined in 2006 sometime after The Fur Den came about. That's when I started using Tryxie as my ID. You would need to read one of my old posts to understand the reasons behind the choice though you'll have to search for it manually, my username was removed from the database. By mid 2007 I'd been a Moderator here, made in the region of 2000 posts and crashed and burned, for reasons that don't concern you. My departure was acrimonious to say the least. I was outspoken then and I'm outspoken now, just one of the things that doesn't change here.


I rejoined here several years ago under the name of Regina Leporidae, which later John revised back to Tryxie for me. And became quite outspoken here about implementing change after the demise of FFG, which got me banned again but not before I'd opened a secondary account which the Admins knew about. I wasn't until after I'd received a notification from The Fur Den of the announcement of John's demise that I ventured back to the Forum, made small talk with neoJ and then really got involved with the site again in November of last year. The rest is history as they say.


So why revert back to Tryxie for an account? Simple really, I just disabled what had become my primary account and couldn't access it, I was planning on a break, and I needed something quick and dirty to offer my congrats to Marcel for achieving a 1000 posts.


Still think you know me?

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I know you that much, that is safe to say that you contributed a big deal in this community. " title="Applause" />

Do this site still have that Hall of fame?

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